Best Marketing Tools And Software For Every Business and Budget

Best Marketing Tools And Software For Every Business and Budget

We would like to share something of value with you that you can’t find anywhere on the internet. We observed that most people – Business Owners/Copywriters/Consultants – are looking for top tools & software to use in their journeys and since that’s one of the things we cover in our area of expertise of all things Time & Leadership, we have created this following list for you.

But, before we start please remember:

  • This is a snapshot of tools, there’s always more out there…
  • These are the most common / best practice tools (in the area mentioned) – because they work, doesn’t mean there are others/better ones out there…
  • Before using one of these, make sure you get clear on what outcome you like to achieve with this tool, what features are a must-need, and who will be using this tool in your business…

Alright let’s get this started:

Best Project Management/Team Management Tools

Trello – free to start with (10 boards per workspace, as many workspaces as you need), has templates for the board setups and structures, includes checklists, reminders, due dates, team member responsibility, and more, and many add-ons & integrations (in paid version, some in free) – best for visual people who are also good in building structures

ClickUp – Similar to Trello, includes checklists, reminders, due dates, team member responsibility and more, many add-ons & integrations, and works in Gantt Chart and/or project view, many people find it ‘easier’ as it has already certain functions /structures set up instead of a blank canvas like Trello

Teamwork – Goes more into depth with features, meaning we recommend this for clients who handle many client accounts, with more extended project deadlines and a project manager handling them, works well with clients, and organizes different team resources across client projects

Others to look at Basecamp, Asana, Hubspot, Airtable…

Best CRM Softwares

If you are not including your CRM into your PM/Team software (which is often a good idea for agencies for example to separate the two) then these are the ones you can look into:

Pipedrive – Made for high sales volume, create your own sales stages and adjust to your “pipe” people go through, shallow learning curve, easy to set up and track.

Hello Bonsai – Made for creatives & freelancers, with templates for contracts, proposals, and more, you can set up workflows, send messages to clients, and have automation set up.

Copper – Made for agencies, including workflow set up, google integration, email set up, etc…It also has some of the project management features mentioned above

Copper is made for agencies, including workflow set up, google integration, email set up, etc., It has some of the project management features mentioned above.

Capsule CRM – is made for small businesses, helps to build and nurture relationships vs “just” selling, includes analytics and more

Others to check out: Hubspot, Salesmate, Drag

Best Graphic Design Tools

If you are not a designer but want to get slides done, create graphics, etc. then these tools can be very helpful

Canva – I guess we all know this one, has loads of templates, for all sizes, needs, and types of graphics including video, reels, etc.

Headliner – Create soundwaves on graphics with this tool, super simple, with different sizes of graphics and different forms of soundwaves to choose from.

Unsplash (.com) – A website with tons of photographs (professional & semi-professional) with commercial (and non-commercial) license use – for free.

Best Transcribe Tools – you can upload audio/video and get it transcribed or record it

Rev (.) com – you send your audio in and will get it transcribed or get video captions done for you

Best Relationship Building W/ Audience Tools

Bonjoro – An app that lets you send short videos to your new email subscribers. A fun but also a great way to build a closer relationship with your subscribers

Freshdesk – This is a less cost-intensive help desk version that you can integrate into your website, and works great for customer request-intensive businesses, like eCommerce.

VideoAsk (by Typeform) – This lets you send a video-based survey or form to your customers & ask for testimonials & feedback – they can choose to reply via text or video

Best Planning Tools

Google Calendar – We know, but – do you use it though?

Get Plan – A tool to help you plan & organize your work & private life & automate your work life

AddEvent – A web app that lets you add an event calendar to your website, you can add events, set up reminders, add locations/call links, and have people subscribe to the calendar or single events

Best Booking / Scheduling Tools

OnceHub – An incredible all-rounder, with different booking pages, events, branding ability, payment processor integration, calendar integration, and more, also has a lead capturing & processing function from different channels

Calendly – It has similar functions as above, doesn’t have the lead function, and isn’t as all-round as OnceHub but works well for booking calls

Others to look at 10to8, Acuity Scheduling, Setmore

Best Payment Processors

Please be especially careful which one to choose, depending on which country you are in, your country’s regulations, the fees, etc.

  • Stripe
  • Wave
  • Braintree
  • Payoneer
  • Wise (former Transferwise)
  • Square

We hope this is useful for the one or other here and saves you some time – after all, this is what we are all about.